Let's help our client of being digital

Shayma furniture, one of our clients whom we have been serving for the last two years, is now moving ahead with plans for the implementation of all kinds of digital marketing initiatives. Shayma furniture needs to recruit some people who can take care of social accounts, needs product photography and new software implementation. They are also planning to expand their business through the country by collaborating in 64 districts. 

Content creation is a tedious and time-consuming task that should be done with continuous effort. In order to educate your client, you need to compile your product description with proper information. We need high-quality photos which should be posted on different social media. We handled the recruitment of a social media manager. We have searched through our local connection and posted a job posting on Facebook. 

Yesterday we completed a day-long interview session and appointed one of them. We need a studio setup for product photography. We have finalized the location inside the showroom and initiated the decoration process. The green screen, lighting and required lens will be in hand soon. Hope we can start next week.