jeremykenedy/laravel-logger, Invalid argument supplied for foreach()


protected function shouldLog($request)
foreach (config(‘LaravelLogger.loggerMiddlewareExcept’) as $except) {
if ($except !== ‘/’) {
$except = trim($except, ‘/’);

if ($request->is($except)) {
return false;

return true;

As soon i try to update laravel-logger library it start to show this error. main problem is the in .env file. 

.env file is missing a configuration called  LARAVEL_LOGGER_MIDDLEWARE_EXCEPT

I added this line on .env file but no luck, logging stopped. What i did, actually i wen to the file where the problem occurred and commented those line with foreach. This is not a proper solution and ideally a bad practice, but no way. After commenting this it started to logg again. 

If you find any solution or authority do any update please let me know.