Why did I move from WordPress to Laravel

Hi, this is Zahid, I love WordPress.

It has been 10 years since I am using WordPress, I have been developing websites using laravel. I started my career when I was a 2nd-year student at my University, I started learning WordPress myself and got my first job on freelancer.com. I was very much excited, got was my first client who was from Australia and it was an $80 job.

When I developed the website actually I didn't know everything about WordPress. There was no mentor who can guide us and not enough resource so that we could learn everything ourself. I completed the website and my client was happy. When I was in the middle of my final year, I wished to learn mobile application development. I was spending time learning Java as well as the Android ecosystem. Still, I was working with WordPress to develop my client's website.

WordPress has a lot of inbuilt features, free templates, and plugins that help us to design beautiful websites without writing much code. Last 10 years WordPress became the most popular web designing tool. Thousands of people are learning and developing websites using WordPress. WordPress has been developed and evolved to help a non-technical person so that he can build and maintain his own website without bothering with source code. Drag and drop website builders have drawn attention worldwide.

I have developed my own website a few years back using drag and drop page builder. Getting a free and existing design implemented on my website was the only reason. My website looks really nice but really very hard to change or customize as I wish. I have been developing fewer websites using WordPress these days. I have to study a lot of articles and follow youtube videos to understand this drag and drop page builder. It was really disgusting and time-consuming.

On the other hand, I wanted to list gig services on my website. Website loading time was another big problem for WordPress websites. A lot of unnecessary JavaScript code is liable for decreasing the performance of the website. I take the decision of changing the platform from WordPress to Laravel. Though I have not discussed the features of WordPress and Laravel, just telling my experience. You might know that laravel is a framework to develop enterprise-grade software where the primary goal of WordPress is to design a website without coding.