Laravel Maintenance and Support

A website is something like a tree, as soon you plant a tree it needs more take care to grow. The business website needs to be maintained properly according to the changes.

Updating technologies

If you have developed your website using any CMS or Framework you need to update the version from time to time. It needs to check further testing to confirm that all other features are working properly with the changes coming from CMS and Framework.

Improving website speed

A huge number of people are browsing websites from mobile phones. On the other hand search engine use to rank higher those websites that have better and optimized speed.

Fixing HTML errors

We should cross-check every piece of code for a website that should be aligned with the latest and error-free standard. We need to test websites so that they would support all other browsers and mobile devices.

Fixing broken links

A page that has been marked as a live page but practically page does not exist is called a broken link. It creates a bad user experience. It looks unprofessional if broken links are not properly handled.

Proper Backup Plan

The number of files and sizes grows every day. We should have a weekly or monthly backup plan for files. On the other hand, we need to take database backup also. We would be able to restore if any kind of mistake or fault that takes place.

Uptime monitoring

You need to monitor your hosting uptime and software uptime. If your website goes offline for a limited time that could result in a loss of potential clients.