Our aim is to support Canadian Entrepreneur, Marketer, Blogger, Real Estate Agent or Developer who manages everything himself. This article helps you to understand how a virtual assistant helps to grow your business.

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A Virtual Assistant (VA) is someone who is a self-motivated entrepreneur, a jack of all trade who has the strong administrative experience to work with a business owner to provide high skill Virtual Assistant support.

VA’s operate remotely from their own places of business either home or office and work closely with individuals and business owners by utilizing modern and state of the art technology such as internet, voice mail, email, fax, and other online collaboration tools to deliver a wide range of business support service as well as communicate with business clients to help meet the growing needs of businesses throughout the world.

One of the biggest benefits to the business is the loyalty and relationship. For example, a Virtual Assistant not only works for you but also they become an integral part of your business and will take pride in working with you to see it succeed.

Virtual Assistants are business owners themselves and they understand what is important when it comes to supporting your client’s business needs. They become a business partner and a key player in the success of client’s business. In most cases, a Virtual Assistant is more likely to be a combination of more than one of all these professions, all rolled into one loyal, efficient and dedicated professional.


Interestingly, you may never meet your virtual assistant as they are nowhere near you since we are now in an age where technology has turned the world into a global village and where more professionals are working from their homes or in satellite offices. 

Due to this, your virtual assistant is as close to you at your fingertips. A Virtual Assistant is not a regular employee. When you work with one, it is as if you are hiring someone on a contract basis. such as a website designer, an accountant or a consultant etc.

A virtual assistant will learn all about your business and after working with you on a regular basis, they can predict as well as anticipate your needs. VAs offers administrative expertise in the context of a continuous relationship with clients rather than an intermittent one.

Because a Virtual assistant is self-employed, they have a vested interest in a client business success. The better you do with their professional help, the more that adds to the virtual assistant’s success. There is thus a real incentive there to help you achieve your business goals.


Conventionally, when a business addresses it office support needs, it may decide to employ a full time, part time, temporary or job-share staff to fill the requirements. No matter how small the level of service is, it is subjected to set up costs such as office space, office equipment, training, salary or wages.

What if there exists a more time saving and cost-effective way for you to get the same, if not more flexible, customized and personal level of service without having to bear the above costs at all? Then a virtual assistant is a right choice.

Just like every virtual assistant, a virtual assistant has his own gadgets and equipment, pay his own bills and pay to keep his skills up to date. He also funds his own superannuation and is also responsible for his own taxation responsibilities. You don’t need to pay for lunch breaks, quiet days, idle chit-chat, holidays, sick days, and personal phone calls.

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